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I've finally started on this post, who's happy? (^-^)/
Anyway, I will try to update this list often.
Please note that songs are download (mostly from youtube so I don't own the credits for that) & converted by myself, yes I've edited most of them to improve the quality.
Individual files downloads are available (click on the name of the song to dl) and for compilation, it's in rar format so you might need WinRAR to unzip/open them.
oh, if the links are broken or can't work, please inform me ^^;;

Last updated on the 6th May 2012

Jongyu (Lee Jinki & Kim Jonghyun) songs compilation | DOWNLOAD
Tragedy | Because of You | I Will Forget | Please, Don’t Go | Like a Man | So Sick

Kim Jonghyun- Immortal Song 2 songs compilation | DOWNLOAD
A Million Roses | Left-handed | Lonely Night | One’s Way Back

SMTOWN Tokyo Live 2011 | DOWNLOAD
Stand By Me Jap ver. live - SHINee | Lucifer remix ver. live - SHINee
My First Kiss - Krystal & Key | I Did It For Love - BoA feat SHINee Key
Sen no Kaze ni Natte - Yesung, Ryeowook & Onew
Way Back Into Love - Kyuhyun & Seohyun
Hope - SM Artists

Kim Jonghyun solo for SHINee World Concert | DOWNLOAD
Girls | Wrongly Given Love | This woman's work | Boku Wa Kimi Ni Koi Wo Suru (111027 SWC in Nagoya)
111124 SWC in Osaka - Boku Wa Kimi Ni Koi Wo Suru

SHINee - Making the Muzit | DOWNLOAD
(Onew, Jonghyun, Key & Taemin)
English songs cover: I'll be missing you | I'm Yours | Juliet
Live band perf : Replay | Quasimodo | WOWOWOW

This Onew (My fave song, lyrics by all the four of them, video here)
(Jonghyun & Key) from Making the Muzit behind the scenes Girls | Tik Tok

101020 PKL byulbam radio | DOWNLOAD
I am waiting (Jonghyun) | I Love You (Taemin) | Guilty (Jonghyun, Minho & Taemin)

Bravo - 이특 LeeTeuk (Super Junior) & 키 Key (SHINee)

111103 SHINee @ London Korea Film Festival
Be Good To You - Taemin solo
The Road to Me - Onew solo
(For the rest of the members, their solos were not clear enough = fans screaming)

Kim Jonghyun live
100826 끝났어 (It's over) - Jonghyun | watch here
101214 우울한 편지 (Melancholic Letter) - Jonghyun | watch here
120102 Jonghyun's Shim Shim TaPa challenge | listen here

SHINee live
081226 Music Bank - Wild Eyes | watch here
090610 Chin Chin Radio - Gee | watch here
091004 Star Dance Battle - Boys on Top | watch here

SHINee Wake up Tone (this is really sweet ^^)
SHINee Etude House Song

Lee Taemin - Immortal Song 2 songs
At Least Once | Goodbye City | I don't know | Mapo Terminal
Wrongful Meeting ft. Amber | When April Passes by
Night Train | Be Strong Keumsun ah! | 황홀한 고백

Music Bank in Paris Special Stage - More Than Words (Junsu, Hyunseung, Taemin, Kevin)

SHINee Etude House Morning calls | trans here | download

Individual ver. download: Onew | Jonghyun | Key | Minho | Taemin

120408 SHINee - Traffic Safety Song

SHINee - Something called love (Beatles code 2)

[NEW!!] THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR "SHINee WORLD 2012" in Fukuoka - SHINee Solo Stages
Onew - Friend | Jonghyun - Driver’s high | Key - Firework | Minho - Turn Up The Music | Taemin - Get Up

[NEW!!] SHINee - Sherlock Japanese Version (Rip from PV)

-I'll not be updating here anymore-
Please join SFI ^^ see you there~~

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